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Blue Shark

(July-September) Besides Salmon and Bottomfish, some locations also provide the opportunity to tangle with a monster Blue Shark while fly fishing.  Try something new this summer.  Blue Sharks like warmer water, so boats will find water that is warmer then 58 degrees (the warmer the better).

Oregon Coast Blue Shark Fishing


This is one of the pinnacle game fish in our waters. Why? Because they get really big and we don't eat them. They are simply awesome to catch and fight. Plus, they really are beautiful fish. Their colors are so vivid. Don't buy that "they don't fight" wives tale. We've caught them to more than 200 pounds, and at that size there is no quick way to reel them in. What a battle!


The engine will be shut down, the chum dropped overboard to create a slick, and the waiting begins.  It is usually a short wait until you see the dorsal fins moving through the water coming towards the back of the boat (hum the Jaws theme song if you like). 


You are ready with a 12 wt. fly rod and wire leader.  You make a cast ahead of the massive shark.  Strip...Strip...Strip, you see the shark turn and follow your fly.  You keep stripping.... you see your fly disappear in the shark's mouth, but you keep stripping until you feel weight.  Ahh… There He Is!  The shark takes off and you in for a reel battle hooking a shark on a fly rod.


Sounds like fun, doesn't it?  Due to reductions in Ocean Salmon seasons, there will be more open days for blue shark fishing during the summer.  When ocean fishing is closed for salmon those are the days we target shark (seasons can vary).  Contact us for more details on this exciting new fishery on Oregon's central Coast.


All Blue Shark trips are catch and release only.


All bait and equipment is provided. You will need to bring something to eat and drink. Daily fishing licenses are available at the charter office.


To reserve your seats please call our office at 503-720-9033. (8am to 7pm PST). We accept Visa, Master Card, AMX, Check and PayPal. You may also use the Pay Now button at the bottom of this page.


After we receive your deposit we will send you a confirmation by e-mail that will contain; all contact information for the guide/charter and check in time, along with a map and driving directions from your location to the meeting area.


Information on nearby lodging and fish processing can also be provided by request.


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Boats 30 to 50 foot, can accommodate 4 to 20 anglers.

Charter boats have a head (bathroom) on board.
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With blue sharks, they will often circle the boat and come directly into the chumslick from below -- this is amazing to see, as they just appear and throw a lot of excitement into the mix very quickly.

 We do our best to release all blue sharks as safely as possible(safely for them and US). We've had several times in which we've been able to look into the water and see 6-10 blue sharks circling our chum slick, coming up to the boat and biting onto our chum block. It's very cool. At that time, you can almost choose which fish you want to battle.


Changes or cancellations must be made at least two weeks (14 days) prior to date of trip for refund of initial deposit unless stated otherwise.

All trips that are canceled by the guide or charter service due to bad weather or poor fishing conditions are fully refundable (including initial deposit) up to the day of scheduled trip.

All trips that are canceled for any reason at any time by client are subject to a $15.00 filing fee.

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