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Oregon Chinook Salmon Charters and Guided Trips



Charter Trips

Charter Trip Prices: $115.00 to $145.00 per person 7-8 hr trip. (All prices subject to change).

Boats 30 to 50 foot, can accommodate 4 to 20 anglers.

Charter boats have a head (bathroom) on board.

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Guided Trips

Guide Trip Prices: $175.00 per person (7-8 hr trip).

Guide boats 24 to 26 foot, can accommodate 2 to 6 anglers.

Guided trips are a bit more private and personal than the larger boats can provide.

Guide boats have a port-a-potty on board and will at times take clients in to facilities on shore as needed. Private trips also available.


To reserve your seats please call our office at 503-720-9033. (8am to 7pm PST). We accept Visa, Master Card, AMX, Check and PayPal. You may also use the Pay Now button at the bottom of this page.


Changes or cancellations must be made at least two weeks (14 days) prior to date of trip for refund of initial deposit unless stated otherwise.

All trips that are canceled by the guide or charter service due to bad weather or poor fishing conditions are fully refundable (including initial deposit) up to the day of scheduled trip.

All trips that are canceled for any reason at any time by client are subject to a $15.00 filing fee.

All changes and cancellations must be made by calling 503-720-9033.

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Salmon Fishing Trips

Oregon Chinook and Coho Salmon Fishing

Of the five species of Pacific salmon, the Chinook and Coho are the most important to anglers. The two are often found in the same waters and pursued in much the same way, but the Chinook is the larger of the two and highly prized among anglers. The Columbia River is a prime area to target both Chinook and Coho salmon. When hooked, Chinook like to slug it out, while Coho's are acrobatic and quick.

Trip Prices: $115.00 to $175.00 per angler depending on type of trip, charter boat or guided. Trips are 7 to 8 hours in duration. Half-day trips are available at some locations. All fishing gear and bait is provided. Many of our guides will also clean and filet your catch at no extra charge.


These trips are run in 26-25 foot jet sleds (guided) and on the coast in 30-50 foot boats (charter).

Astoria Oregon Chinook Salmon


Chinook are also known as the king salmon or spring salmon. Chinook salmon are powerful swimmers that migrate hundreds of miles up northwest rivers to their spawning grounds, and they can grow huge. The rod-and-reel world record was taken in Alaska's Kenai River in 1985 and weighed 97 pounds, 4 ounces. Most fish caught by northwest anglers, however, range from 15 to 40 pounds.


At the end of a fishing line, Chinooks are absolute brutes - hard-running, stubborn fighters that will give you all the challenge you can handle, and sometimes more.


Starting in March, the Spring Chinook are the most desired of all the fish for their excellent taste and high Omega3 oil content. The average Chinook salmon weighs 15-20 pounds. Then in August the Upriver Brights make their way upriver, they are hard fighting and a joy to catch. By mid to late September, Fall Chinook are present.

Season information: http://www.dfw.state.or.us/fish/OSCRP/CRM/index.asp


The largest of the salmon species, the Fall Chinook, will certainly get your heart pounding. Coho Salmon enter our rivers in September, a great fish to eat and catch.


Columbia River salmon fishing is a major tourist draw for Washington and Oregon fishing guides and once you experience Columbia River salmon fishing just once you will not want to ever leave these fertile fishing grounds of the Columbia River.


Chinook salmon are easily the largest of any salmon, with adults often exceeding 40 pounds (18 kg); individuals over 120 pounds (54 kg) have been reported.



Chinook salmon are very similar to Coho salmon in appearance while at sea (blue-green back with silver flanks), except for their large size, small black spots on both lobes of the tail, and black pigment along the base of the teeth.


Adult Chinook salmon migrate from a marine environment into the freshwater streams and rivers of their birth. They spawn only once and then die. Guide boat Chinook fishing provides the best success rates for Portland Oregon salmon.


Ocean Charter Boat Astoria Oregon


Juvenile Chinook may spend from 3 months to 2 years in freshwater before migrating to estuarine areas as smolts and then into the ocean to feed and mature. Chinook salmon remain at sea for 1 to 6 years (more commonly 2 to 4 years), with the exception of a small proportion of yearling males (called jack salmon) which mature in freshwater or return after 2 or 3 months in salt water.

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